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Welcome to the Acute Admissions Unit of Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute (SWVMHI). The following guidelines are intended to help promote a speedy recovery for all patients, while emphasizing patient rights. To ensure that the rights of all the people we serve are properly recognized, these Guidelines have been developed with the participation of the Human Rights Advocate and have been approved by the Local Human Rights Committee. If, at any time, you have questions about any of these guidelines, feel free to speak to any nursing staff member, or any member of your Treatment Team.


Please keep in mind that the safety and security of all patients and staff members are our highest priorities. Scheduled times and routines noted in these guidelines may be altered to accommodate this.


We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation.



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Each patient will have an Individualized Recovery Plan formulated with your input within seven days. Your individualized plan will be developed using the admission assessment, team interview, pre-hospital documentation available, and your valuable input to assist you in your recovery. As part of your recovery, it is very important for you to be actively involved in this planning process. Attendance and active participation in your treatment activities / group therapy sessions are strongly encouraged. A Recreational Therapist will be meeting with you to discuss group therapy options and availability. Collaboration with staff is important for a successful recovery process and timely discharge. Community Meeting group will be held in the morning on Day shift, Monday through Friday, except on holidays. An announcement will be made on the Unit. In Community Meeting group, you set an individual goal for the day related to your recovery process. Your Team Nurse will assist you in setting your goal. A Wrap-Up group will be held on Evening shift to discuss your steps toward meeting your goals.










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You are not allowed to give, receive, trade, sell, exchange, or donate any personal items, money, or food and drink items on the wards.


Patients are discouraged from bringing large amounts of clothing to the facility. We ask that you bring or keep no more than five changes of clothing. If you are in need of clothing, feel free to discuss this with any staff member.






Visitation by previous patients discharged within 30 days is not allowed. These visits may potentially have a negative impact on your current treatment. We also discourage phone calls from previous patients, and ask that you not call patients in the facility after you are discharged.



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Non-denominational, religious services are provided at the facility. The times for these services will be announced. Videotapes of different religious services are available from the library for the patients unable to attend. If you have specific religious needs, please inform your Treatment Team or the Charge Nurse.