Food Service


newsDepartmental Objective


In support of the Facility’s Mission, the Food Service Department’s objective is to provide appetizing and nutritional meals to the individuals we serve within the parameters of the approved budget.


The Food Service Department‘s dedicated staff, which consists of both full and part time employees, works diligently to provide quality meals to our patients to ensure their speedy recovery and a pathway to a stable life.



news Patient Services


Patient diet needs / restrictions are communicated daily to the food service department. The patients are visited and consulted by our clinical staff. Food preferences, including likes, dislikes, and allergies are recorded for each patient. Patient meal selection is customized to specific patient requests and needs.


In addition to the basic three meals per day, snacks, nourishments and special activity meals are provided. Patient birthdays are recognized with a special treat.



newsContact Information


Robbie Horne
Food Service Director

276-783-1200 Ext 313


Pam Howell
Program Support Technician

276-783-1200 Ext 313