Environmental Services


newsDepartmental Objective


Each member of the Environmental Services team (Housekeeping and Apparel Services) has an important role in meeting the mission, vision of SWVMHI, and do so through providing and maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of our facility whether it is through cleaning, processing laundry, or controlling pests.  It is with each function working together that excellence is achieved.  We accomplish this through well trained team members who are dedicated to excellent service and providing an environment that will be beneficial in the recovery of our patients.



newsHousekeeping Supervisors


Our Housekeeping and Apparel Services Supervisors (Kim Tarter and Ed Buskill) are here to ensure the housekeeping and laundry processes and standards are met.  They are also responsible to ensure each staff member receive proper training and the housekeeping and laundry standards and frequencies of cleaning is being maintained at or above expectations.





The Housekeeping team members are responsible for the daily cleaning of all patient care areas .  Patient care areas include patient rooms, bathrooms, tub rooms, exam rooms and more.  They mop floors, sanitize surfaces, do daily waste removal, pickup and transport of soiled linen to our in-house laundry, etc..  Most office cleaning is done on a weekly basis.  Our Housekeeping and Laundry staffs are cross trained in all areas of housekeeping and laundry and take pride in doing their jobs well.





Our laundry team is responsible for processing about 30,000 pounds of laundry per month which includes bed spreads, sheets, pillow cases, towels, washcloths, bibs, mattress pads and patient clothing from several areas of the hospital.  We also process specialty items from Physical Therapy, Rehab Services departments  and weighted items from the Units.   Our team sorts, washes, dries, folds and delivers clean linen back to the patient units, ensuring  ample supplies are in each area for use.



news Pest Control Services


Our pest control is contracted thru Pest-x (James Parks) and he is responsible for maintaining an effective and efficient pest control program to ensure a clean, safe, pleasant, vector free environment.  The program is designed to effectively control insects and rodents in order to maintain a safe and sanitary environment.



newsSpecial Projects


Special projects are housekeeping tasks that are completed on a periodic basis, such as refinishing floors, extracting carpets, washing wall and windows (inside and out) etc.  These types of projects are usually very time consuming and almost always cause other areas to change their routines in order for the work to be performed.  The Housekeeping department tries to minimize disruptions caused by projects  by scheduling in advance and sending notices prior to the start of the project that lets everyone know when, where and what work is being performed



newsContact Information



Nathan Shelton

Environmental Services Director

276-783-1200 Ext. 551


Kathy Butz

Program Support Technician

276-783-1200 Ext. 229